Innovation != Evolution ???

What is a ground-breaking new idea? a killer app? a real innovative idea?
Every new idea, anything innovative has roots in something existing, something already invented. Is everything just an evolution of other things, there is nothing innovative? How far one should really go back to the roots?

Is it enough to come up with a great, innovative idea? What happens to the solution-for-every-problem-world-peace-and-cure-for-everything ideas? I have got a great idea, what’s next?

Where is creativity coming from? are there geniuses amongst us? is there a special food/drink or a special ritual to unleash creativity?

Many of these and similar questions are answered in  Scott Berkun‘s book: The Myths of Innovation

  • Read it once because it is simply a great read – not sure about the humour though
  • Read it every time you have a worthy innovative idea – amazing how much you will find the book related to your idea
  • Read it if you are frustrated about how large corporates treat innovation(especially if you are working for one) – you will find your answer in the book, not necessarily the one you wanted to hear though
  • Read it if you like anecdotes, stories and lessons learned – do not forget to follow up with the many references to other books, articles, Web sites and pages