Perception of Seniority

I have seen so many different responses from professionals when presented with a task.

No doubt every situation is different. There are cultural differences at the individual and organisation levels. There are many factors at play. However, over time the following characters emerge.

Wrong hire – “I don’t know. I have not been trained for this. Sorry cannot help.”

New starter – “I can take a look at it. Can somebody tell me what to do?”

Junior – “I do not know a lot. I can make a few recommendations to help. Can somebody review and let me know what else to do?”

Mid-level – “I am familiar with this. I will get started and check back for review. We can keep iterating until it is completed.”

Senior – “I have done/seen this before. I will have it done in a week. I will make you recommendations for the future.”

Leader – “My colleague is the best person for this. We will also help your teams to identify and complete these in the future.”

These are some of the examples of how I perceive seniority.

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