(Digital) Note Taking Journey

The first digital note taking tool I remember using was GoldenSection Notes on Windows.

When I moved to Mac (2010) I looked for something similar and found SohoNotes.

Then came DevonThink, and DevonThink Pro soon followed. I used these for taking notes as well as keeping and organising documents.

Later Microsoft OneNote showed promise. I used it on both Mac and iPad. Sync between the two was mostly successful.

Along the way I also tried personal wikis – self hosted and managed.

A variety of markdown editors – distraction free (IAWriter) or otherwise.

Used mobile apps such as iOS Noteshelf and tried a bunch more.

I gave Evernote a shot, but that didn’t last long after losing notes due to a sync error early on.

Google Docs is still my go to editor for sharing and the rare occasions of concurrent editing.

I checked most online note taking tools as well – Notion, Roam, Bear, and a few more.
I do not care for their mobile versions, I would rather have a solid desktop/laptop version.

For a while I used individual files tucked away in a directory synced to Dropbox. Most of my writing and notes were in rich text files (.rtf) at that time. I used and liked the Bean editor the most.

As of early 2021, I use Obsidian and I write everything in markdown.
I still use DevonThink to keep documents organised.

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