Code Generation 2008: Day 2

Second day at CG2008.

Tutorial: Model-Driven SOA: Synchronize Business Planning with the IT Design process by Ian Barnard (Telelogic)
Telelogic, recently acquired by IBM, presented a very corporate like view of modeling, the key buzzwords of the session were: EA, BPM, SOA, ELM (Enterprise Lifecycle Management), Model-Driven SOA…

Tutorial: Implementation Techniques for Domain-Specific Languages by Markus Voelter (Independent)
Markus is an entertaining presenter, he has a broad knowledge of the various topics around code generation and DSL. His customer experience also comes across and he makes genuine remarks about IT architectures and business-IT alignment.
This particular presentation was a deep-dive on DSL and implementation, categories of DSLs and their use, DSL implementation techniques and examples including: ScalaRubyConvergeEMF/GMFMetaEdit+

DSL does not have to be Turing complete!

execution != precision

Experience Report: Can executable UML make it as a Mainstream Programming Paradigm? by Allan Kennedy (Kennedy Carter)
The presentation started with a fair amount of philosophical discussion, involving the audience, about software intensive systems, software engineering, and modeling. Later Allan introduced the concepts, the use and value of Executable UML (xUML).
xUML seems to have impressive customer base and references including some defense industry customers and NASA.

Tutorial: Best practices for Creating Domain-Specific Modeling Languages by Juha-Pekka Tolvanen (MetaCase)
JP has recently published a book on Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) and I was very much looking forward to hear the details from the author himself. JP gave plenty of examples and details on best practices, lessons learned from his extensive customer experience. A great value from the presentation was to hear concrete numbers for developing with DSL. The statistics included variations for language complexity (number of concepts) and the complexity of artefacts generated (number of them and types).

Panel: Flexibility in Code Generation chaired by Jos Warmer (Ordina), Sven Efftinge (itemis), Anneke Kleppe (CapGemini NL), Laurence Tratt (Uni of Bournemouth), Steven Kelly (MetaCase)
The panel has eluded into many different topics in many directions including flexibility in DSL and code generation. From the questions and comments it seems that these concepts still have a long way to go to be more mature, precise and agreed on.

Unfortunately I’ve missed the Mistery Movie of the evening – Pirates of Silicon Valley – will catch up on that one day…

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