Engineering Product Management

Cost – Time – Scope

There is simplicity in the scope, time, cost trinity.

There is always more to talk about, factor in, consider.

Quality, however, is part of scope!

Engineering Product Management

The Choices We Make…


You are a techie in a corporate.
The platform you are working on offers a vast range of tools and capabilities.
You find the next task/user story/requirement to work on.
You immediately think of a way to implement a solution to complete the task and tick the box.

You have choices…

  • Are you going to discuss alternative implementations with your team
  • Are you going to check if this implementation has been done somewhere else?
  • Are you going to review against the existing design standards and patterns?


  • Are you going to get it done as soon as you can to show high productivity on the dashboard?

If you are an individual contributor, your choices will be limited.

If you are managing a team, then and ask yourself – What can I do to foster the former behaviour over the latter?

Either way, if you feel conflicted about this and prefer to have you and your team showing high productivity on some dashboard, then send a link to this article to your superiors.

Engineering Product Management

Challenge is Good

Designs suffer from

  • Too many – often wrong – assumptions are made
  • Quick – often uninformed – decisions made
  • Trade-offs with the decisions often not understood

Challenging these should be part of the behaviour.

People need to appreciate that they are working in a shared environment.
They should not feel interrogated or confronted, it should be natural, and they should feel comfortable discussing these.

Make it part of every design discussions.
Make time for it.
Make it part of the culture.